Getting a divorce can remedy many issues. However, it can also create new ones. The main new problem is often child custody and visitation. While the Indiana court set up your parenting plan for you, that does not mean more challenges will not come up in the future.

An excellent example of something you may have to deal with is when your ex-spouse decides she or he wants to move away with your children. Whether the move is an hour away or a state away, the law has specific rules about such a situation. explains that relocation is a situation the court takes seriously, and the court’s focus is on the children and not the parents.

Giving notice

If your ex-spouse wishes to move, she or he must provide you with a notice sent by registered or certified mail. She or he must do this at least 90 days before the move. In the note, your former spouse must give you details about the move, including why it is happening, the new address, the date and a new parenting schedule proposal. The court must also receive this notice.

Impact on children

The court’s primary concern will not be why the parent wants to move or why you may object to the move. The court focuses on how the move will affect the children and their ability to see you. The court firmly believes that children need both parents in their lives. If a move means that the children will no longer be able to see you except for a few times a year, it could affect the court’s approval of it.

Moving is something that requires a lot of thought. If your children’s other parent wishes to move, especially far away, you may be able to fight it in court because it will affect the relationship you have with your children.