If you are one of the many parents in Indiana who has decided now is the time to select a guardian for your children as part of your overall estate planning activities, you should feel good about taking this step. While certainly nobody can replace you in your child’s life or eyes, having this identified ahead of time can make a big difference if the day comes when it is actually necessary. 

Many people automatically look to close relatives as the first choice in a guardian. Siblings of the mother or the father tend to top the list, but those people may not actually be the best equipped for the job. Forbes cautions against making the decision about a guardian based on familial relationships alone. There are numerous other factors that must be taken into consideration. 

To be a good guardian, a person must be up for the task. This includes assessing their physical, emotional and financial health status. It is also recommended that you evaluate the values of potential guardians to assess the fit to your values and the values with which you want your children raised. If your potential guardians have children of their own, you should be open and honest about how your kids will get along with those children and whether or not both sets of children may be able to be treated equally. 

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give parents in Indiana some things to factor into their decision on who they may want to name as the guardian for their children.