Social media is a regular part of life for most people. If you have a favorite social media account, you likely check it often. You may save recipes you like or use it to show off photos that are special to you. Whatever you use it for, it probably will have meaning to your family when you die. It is an asset like any other in Indiana, so you might want to consider leaving information about your account in your estate plan.

One thing to be aware of is that accessing a social media account after a person’s death is not always easy due to terms and conditions set by the social media outlets, according to Forbes. You need to find out the policy and discover what you can do to pass on ownership of your account after your death.

You want to set up legal access in your estate plan. This includes providing login information, security codes and other access information so that your heirs can easily get into the account and save what they want or preserve the account. You may leave a log in information sheet as part of your estate plan that lists the usernames and passwords for each account. In general, you can treat it like any other asset. You can leave it to a specific heir in your will or plan.

Make sure that you include information about all your social media accounts and other digital accounts so that your heirs have access after your death. This information is for education and is not legal advice.