Divorcing parents in Indiana have big decisions ahead. What do you want your custody arrangements to look like? How much support do you want from your co-parent? How involved do you each expect to be in your child’s life? If you are considering joint custody, this may be a great way to ensure your child’s well-being. 

VeryWell Family looks at a few benefits of joint custody. The benefits often cited by courts revolve around your children. The court will always take their best interest into consideration before all else. Based on scientific research, joint custody is the best choice for many families. Why is that? A child will have: 

  • Continued financial support from both parents 
  • The continued presence of both parents in their life 
  • Two parental figures to lean on while growing up 
  • Less of a change in their family dynamic 
  • The chance to continue bonding with each parent 

Studies show that having both parents present is key to a child’s development. Children of sole custody often have problems that children of joint custody do not. They tend to lash out and act out. Many develop an opposition to authority figures. This gets them in trouble at school. If left unmitigated, it can even get them in trouble with the law. 

But children of sole custody are able to develop strong peer-to-peer relationships. They are less inclined to act out. Many still suffer from anxiety or depression in the divorce aftermath. But it is often less severe. They also form good coping mechanisms that help them throughout their life. These are all invaluable tools.