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The law firm of R. Cordell Funk, LLC has been in existence since 2011. However, prior firms involving attorney R. Cordell Funk include Funk and Blackburn, established in 2008, and Funk and Foster, established in 1982. The firm handles many types of legal cases including trial and appellate practice in Indiana State and Federal courts.

Our law practice includes criminal defense, personal injury, DUI, child custody, divorce & family law cases. Visit the links below to meet attorney at law R. Cordell Funk, attorney at law David M. Wendlinger and to learn more about us. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your unique circumstances.

Staff member Nicole Thomas is a 2007 Kaplan College graduate with more than twelve years administrative support experience. She has been employed by R. Cordell Funk for six years.

Her office duties include all word processing for letters and legal documents, assisting in preparation of legal briefs, court subpoenas, scheduling client appointments, court dates and depositions and answering calls. She is also responsible for booking including receipts for both the escrow account and the general account where fees are deposited. Nicole assists clients in filling out certain forms and in gathering information that helps document their case.
She has been an active member of the Legal Secretaries of Lake County Indiana since 2011 and regularly attends continuing legal education classes.

Note that she is not an attorney and thus cannot give legal advice. However, she relays messages from the attorneys to the client and maintains daily written phone logs of all messages left for attorneys

Areas of Practice

We consider our attorneys and staff capable of undertaking almost all of the legal problems a person might encounter, however if you approach us with a task which we are not equipped to handle, we will refer you to an attorney who can address the problem. We perform a wide assortment of legal services ranging from trials and appeals to drafting contracts and other legal documents.

Fee Philosophy

We seek to provide a quality service at a fair price. You should clearly understand what fees will be charged at the time we undertake your representation. In many cases we can quote you a flat fee so you will know from the start what you will owe. Other cases are done on a contingent basis where you owe no fees unless money is recovered on your behalf. Still other types of cases are not predictable, because we do not know what the opponent will do, in those instances we charge on an hourly basis and keep you informed as to the amount of fees that are being incurred as the case progresses. In all cases a contract setting forth your responsibility for fees and expenses will be signed by you and the attorney.

Attorney Client Communications

Communication between the attorney and client during our representation is very important. You need to have your questions answered and the attorney needs to be kept up to date on new developments.

It is important that you keep us informed and that we answer your questions. However phone calls present some problems for attorneys who do a lot of litigation, since they are often in court or seeing clients. Therefore, if you call and we are not available it is best to leave a detailed message with a staff member, or on the answering machine, if you call outside of our normal business hours. This allows us to react to the problem and often resolve it by having our staff call you with the answer, or sending a letter to you, or opposing counsel with a copy to you.

If you call a couple of times and have not been able to contact us it is probably best to schedule a phone appointment. That way you know we will be present. Each phone call is logged onto the attorneys weekly call sheet, which are kept on their computers. The attorneys review these call sheets several times each day. Multiple calls in a day do not get you a quicker response, but they do slow down our staff and thus delay the handling of all cases in the office. However, if a couple-of-days pass and you have not received a response you should of course call again.

Finally, if you have an emergency you should make that clear to the staff member and all efforts will be made to reach the primary attorney assigned to your matter so they can respond. If this fails they can refer your call to one of the other attorneys in the firm so that you will have a prompt response.

At your option we will also communicate by E-Mail or by FAX. We find that this form of communication can promptly answer your questions or deliver information without interrupting the flow of work for you or your attorney.

Our Commitment to Promptly Completing the Case

It is our goal in all matters that we handle to get them completed as quickly as possible. However some types of legal problems are best served and resolved by letting them wait. Other cases depend on preparation and then finding available court time. The courts have many more cases than they can handle at one time thus it is not uncommon to wait months and sometimes years to get a spot on a court calendar to resolve a case. You should discuss the time parameters of your case with your attorney. If at any point you feel that the case is taking too long be sure to ask the attorney what is occurring so that you have a clear understanding as to the reasons for the delay.

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