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Driving is a big responsibility. Never forget that you are in charge of a machine that weighs over two tons and can cause catastrophic damage should it hit someone or something. When you get behind the wheel of a car, you are accepting the burden of driving safely, and of doing everything in your power to reduce or eliminate the chances of causing an accident. One major part of this is ensuring that you drive soberly, without the influence of alcohol or any other kind of drug.

It has been shown time and again how dangerous driving while under the influence is. 

At Funk & Wendlinger, LLC, in Schererville, we understand that sometimes mistakes are made. After all, we are all human – and as humans, we are all prone to making poor decisions at one point or another. We don’t believe that that poor decision should necessarily cost you your life nor your ability to be productive. Our criminal defense attorneys in Schererville are willing to go to bat for you in order to ensure that your rights are upheld. With the help of our experienced attorneys, we believe that we can help you receive the most favorable outcome possible and are always happy to discuss your case with you to both keep you in the loop and build the strongest defense possible.

Many individuals end up facing DUI / OWI charges at one point or another. They often wonder if it is absolutely necessary to hire an experienced attorney. The truth is that it is almost always a much better idea to reach out for the services of a skilled lawyer than it is to try and fight the charges on your own. Think about exactly what you stand to lose should you be found guilty, and you might begin to understand why we think that.

If you are convicted of DUI / OWI charges, there are a number of things that could happen. One of the most common is losing your driver's license, either for a short time or for far longer. This can cause you all manner of trouble, and can even lead to you being unable to easily travel to and from work. This, in turn, could easily lead to you losing your job and putting your career on hold entirely until you are able to drive again. That is not even to take into account the hardship you might face while being unemployed. This is perhaps especially true should you also end up facing steep fines. They will most likely not be voided should you lose your job, which means you could end up in even more trouble for failing to pay them on time.


At Funk and Wendlinger, LLC, we work hard so that you can continue to enjoy your life as you did before the incident that led to your charges. In the event that you are facing jail time, we can often have the time reduced. Your chances are especially good if you have never been arrested or convicted for DUI / OWI before. In fact, sometimes there are even prevention programs you can take that will help defer your charges and allow you to learn more about the dangers of driving while intoxicated in exchange for a more lenient sentence.

Before You Plead Guilty, Read This - being charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), as it is commonly referred to as, is a very serious offense. Pleading guilty to an OWI / DUI offense can bring with it potential jail time, license suspensions, court costs and fines, probation costs, and mandated drug and/or alcohol classes or treatment. Pleading guilty to an OWI / DUI when you have already pled guilty to other serious traffic offenses in the past can lead to becoming a habitual traffic violator (HTV). When you become HTV, you could lose your driver’s license for up to five years, 10 years or for life.

There are many facets surrounding Indiana laws regarding OWI / DUI. Every driver is guaranteed certain rights and protections provided to them by Indiana law, as well as both the Constitution of the United States and the state of Indiana. These rights protect you during the course of traffic stops, field sobriety tests, as well as certified breath tests. The attorneys at Funk & Wendlinger, LLC, will make sure that your rights have not been violated and that law enforcement has followed the proper procedure to determine the degree of your sobriety before an arrest is made.

Get Help Fighting DUI / OWI Charges

When you hire Funk & Wendlinger, LLC, you are not alone in this process. We make sure that you completely understand the crime you have been charged with and the potential consequences of that crime. We understand what you are going through and will help relieve the stress associated with being charged with a crime. From the moment we are hired, we will do everything possible to get your case dismissed, obtain a not guilty verdict or to minimize the potential consequences of the charges you are facing, and work toward a speedy resolution to your case. Call the attorneys at Funk & Wendlinger, LLC, to set up aconsultation to discuss your case.

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